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Alcoholism Treatment Program 

Alcoholism is a disease that can sneak up on you. You start drinking at some point, not thinking much of it. You do it during social occasions. You do it because you believe it will help lessen your stress level. But then, you have become dependent on it without you realizing it has occurred.

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Medication-Assisted Treatment

According to research, more than 60% of people who relapse after addiction treatment request medication-assisted treatment if they know it is available.[1] MAT is an approach that includes medication and behavioral therapy to treat addiction.[2] Relapse rates for people who do not use MAT tend to be higher. A study showed that 90% relapsed within a year, 65% relapsed within a month, and more than 25% relapsed within the first day of completing initial treatment without MAT.[1]

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Residential Treatment Program

Addiction is a lonely condition. A person may feel out of touch with reality. When an individual decides that it is time to deal with a drug or alcohol misuse disorder, it is essential to seek assistance. The first step of recovery is the detox process. This occurs as withdrawal sets in. Negative symptoms develop when a user stops taking drugs or alcohol until the items are out of the body. This can be quite challenging to complete without help. In many instances, medical detox is quite beneficial. At Garden State Detox, we believe that long-term sobriety rests on early treatment. Our residential treatment program concentrates on the detox process, stabilizing a person’s physical state and preparing him or her for the rest of the recovery journey. While a person remains in our facility, we offer compassionate care and consistent supervision that encourages long-term sobriety.

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