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Mental Health

What are 4 Types of Mental Illness?

Mental illness is a complex disorder of the mind, emotions, and behaviors that can stem from physiological influences, result from trauma or abuse, and get worse or better. The Mayo Clinic writes what a mental illness is and that there are many varieties of mental illnesses, which are referred to as a disorder. Mayo also states how identifying separate mental illnesses as disorders will include separate and specific symptoms. 

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How Can You Prevent Mental Illness?

Mental Illness is one of the most misunderstood conditions. Unfortunately, thousands of people have undiagnosed mental illnesses and never receive the expert care and therapy they need to feel better. There are roughly 300 different types of mental illness, and two broad categories indicate mental illness. The first is called AMI, which is Any Mental Illness that disrupts the person’s mind, behaviors, or emotions. The second category is an SMI, a Serious Mental Illness that is the same but causes severe functional impairment or interferes with a person’s life.

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